Democratization and Decentralization

The accessibility to art and art collection had been allowed only to a small number of people and conceived as a luxury for a long time. Now, thanks to the development of blockchain technology and the emergence of NFT, we embrace a new way of how art is enjoyed, utilized, created, and owned. We pursue democratization and decentralization of art and art collection on ETNAH, as artworks will be open for the public to reach and encourage further active participation.

Artists for Artistic Experiments

ETNAH supports artists who want to expand their artistic realm into the digital world for new experiments and opportunities. World-renowned artists will present their genesis NFT projects on ETNAH, but we are also open to young emerging artists if they share the same value with us. With creative and innovative artists, ETNAH would like to pave the way to the upcoming digital metaverse and expand opportunities for people to enjoy art.

Focusing on Interactive NFT

Art is starting to change, empowered by the technological advance. Moving on from the traditional way of appreciation in which the artist creates and the viewer perceives, the more intimate form of communication enabled by technological advance has opened a possibility of co-creation of artwork through interaction between the creator and the viewer. ETNAH highly regards the value of co-created art made through interaction and communication and will exhibit artworks which are inherent of these features.

Collection and Community

NFT is often interpreted as a concept of digital ownership. Ownership was previously a concept that was replaced by the meaning of monopoly, but digital ownership reveals its value by sharing and communicating with others that you own it. The value of the relationship that a specific organization and community creates during its activity is more meaningful in that all members are voiced under the same authority through NFT. Anyone interested in the arts, including artists, collectors, planners, marketers, and developers, can become part of the ETNAH community. Various social media channels will continue to be updated to deliver insightful articles and related news.

Manifesto: This is ETNAH.


A digital art platform that introduces genesis NFT art by renowned artists in the contemporary art scene.


An online platform that implements various artistic expressions based on technological advances and provides collectors with various opportunities to experience the Metaverse era.


Trustworthy and validated NFT platform free from double minting and copyright issues.


A pathway to the metaverse that encompasses both established and new artists and supports their artistic experiments, based on the understanding of their esthetic value and their significance.


Sustainability of creating NFT artworks and financial support for artists through the sharing of royalty revenue generated from each artwork transaction.