NFT Projects

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Emoshow by Kenny Scharf

Emoshow, Kenny Scharf's newest digital work, proposes to confront our daily emotions, understand ourselves, and communicate with others. It is also a S2E NFT in which collectors can create new images from the original Emoshow to share, send, and sell as variations NFT and create their own community.

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Emoshow Neighbors

Emoshow by Kenny Scharf explores the value of emotions by experiencing and sharing the creative process of understanding and expressing emotions. Emoshow holders can generate special image based on their Emoshow Animation, which proposes to confront our daily emotions.

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Digital Bodyscape 76-3

Digital Bodyscape 76-3, a performance-based interactive digital art, is the first NFT project by Lee Kun-Yong, one of the most important figures in Korean experimental art. It explores the meaning and relationship between the digital world and the virtual body ─ the artist’s avatar.